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Questions you may have

What are the different swimming groups?

  1. 1.We have a baby group. The child should be able to swim at least 50m and has normally progressed from a LTS group.. This is for the first time swimmer attempting to develop into a competitive swimmers: training 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  2. 2.The "baby" swimmer will be promoted to our Junior phase (divided into 2 groups) to accommodate different school times and activities: training 1 hour.

  3. 3.We then have our Senior Group who has come through the ranks and are capable of training for 2 hours. This group consists of our more serious swimmers. Within this group, we have our Elite or Senior National qualifiers who have dedicated their entire lives to swimming and achieved the ultimate dream "qualifying for Senior Nationals". Elite swimmers are expected to do land training on their own to become more competitive.

  4. 4.We have one more niche for our social swimmers who do not want to participate in gala's. This is discussed and agreed with the coach.

Training Times:

  1. 1.Training times may change, and will be communicated to all concerned via sms. The coach will attend other gala's from time to time and no training will take place on these days. Refer to Home page


Explain the development of swimmers:

  1. 1.Swimmers starting off are literally learning to swim better (most come from Learn to Swim classes). At no time are these swimmers pushed to develop quickly. Our motto is that a happy child will continue swimming long into the future. These swimmers participate in the odd sprint "fun" gala.

  2. 2.Junior swimmers are encouraged to Register with the Provincial Board Limpopo and to start swimming Age Group Gala's and other championship gala's.

  3. 3.Seniors are treated as seniors and expected to register and participate at all levels, in order to qualify for National gala's.

  4. 4.Elite swimmers are potential National and International swimmers.

Explain Gala's:

We always encourage everyone to look at personal development rather than compare yourself to your friends. Every split improved on a time is a great achievement and you should be proud of it. Medals are not what makes a winner. Commitment and attitude is what make a swimmer a winning adults.

  1. 1.Shamu has regular "Chocolate Gala's" which are huge fun and all are encouraged to participate. This is basically just fun for some and a time trial for others. These are advertised by sms as per our website calendar.

  2. 2.Sprint gala's are "open" gala's and anyone paying can participate. Invites are sent out via sms /calendar containing all relevant details.

  3. 3.Age Group gala's are gala's hosted by Limpopo Swimming and registration is required (see Provincial Registration Procedure). Email notices or sms as per calendar are sent out as per website calendar. Johan enters all registered swimmers barring those who have confirmed they won't be swimming.

  4. 4.Club Champs: All Shamu swimmers are expected to participate. Shamu has won for 4 years in a row and we are very proud of our achievement. It is great fun and a huge opportunity to build team spirit which is essential. Johan does entries.

  5. 5.Provincials Champs: Swimmers who qualify for Provincial colours are selected by Limpopo selection committee to participate, and represent to participate, representing Limpopo Province at these gala's. The provincial body ( Limpopo Aquatics-LPA) enters swimmers on confirmation of attendance.

  6. 6.National Gala's - Level 1, 2, 3:  Junior Nationals and Senior Nationals are gala's hosted by Swimming South Africa (the governing body of swimming in SA). Swimmers have to swim qualifying times to be able to participate in these gala's and have to swim at least 3 Provincial gala's during the season. On confirmation of attendance. Johan does entries.

Swimming structure and gala levels

Format of Gala's and what is expected of me:

  1. 1.Chocolate gala's: Johan allocates lanes and teams. Parents are expected to do timekeeping and officiating. Chocolate gala’s ends with a “Bring & Braai". “Swimming is fun” is the theme for these exciting gala's.

  2. 2.Sprint gala's: On receiving confirmation of attendance, Johan will enter swimmers. Entry fees are applicable and payable into Shamu account before gala. Entries go to the Shamu Club Data Processor who submits entries to Provincial Data Processor. Parents are requested to volunteer for timekeeping, officiating as well as many other tasks, including catering, etc.

  3. 3.Age Groups: On receiving confirmation of attendance, Johan will enter swimmers. One parent per family is required to volunteer to time-keep or officiate. The galas take place at the Polokwane Municipal Pool (50m - daunting for the little ones sometimes). No entry fees are required.

  4. 4.Club Champs: Full support from parents, involving putting up of gazebos, timekeeping, officiating, expected. This includes taking down gazebos and clearing up after gala.

  5. 5.Shamu hosted gala’s: Full support from parents, involving putting up of gazebos, timekeeping, officiating, selling food drinks, expected. This includes taking down gazebos and clearing up after gala. Please volunteer your services.

  6. 6.Provincial Champs: Parents requested to time-keep and details of where and when are communicated via email as per the website calendar. These events are usually held in Gauteng.

  7. 7.National Gala's: Venues are determined by Swimming South Africa and communicated via email/sms as per the website calendar. Parent involvement: Officiating and swimmer support referred to elsewhere.

  8. 8.Entries and lane allocations for the following gala’s: Age Groups, Club Champs, Provincial Champs and National Gala’s are processed by the Provincial Data Processor, based on information received from the Club Secretary. Please also refer to Gala Entry Procedures under Members Tab for Rules of gala’s.


Shamu Calendar:

Shamu swims throughout the year with a short break just after Senior Nationals in April. Swimming starts again on the 1st of May with a short break between Christmas and New Year. Remember the coach is at pool-deck all year round, so your commitment is what is going to help you and you child to improve your times. For more detailed event information see the Shamu website calendar.


Provincial Calendar:

Swimming South Africa and Provincial calendar start their season on 1st of May of every year and end with the Senior Nationals in April. May month normally sees the first Winter Club Championships in other provinces. In August/September Shamu hosts the Province’s first Short Course (25m pool) gala. Limpopo Age Groups start in late September/October culminating in Champs later in the year or early in the new year. In between we have school gala's being Top 10, Inter-high, and Limpopo Champs.