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Information about Swimming Gear

Swimwear for competitive swimming is subject to certain rules and regulations as published by FINA, please familiarize yourself with these regulations, and ensure that the gear you purchase is FINA approved.

FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation)

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Shamu kit and gear

  1. BulletAll Shamu kit, i.e. caps, T-shirts, Parka’s, Hoodies etc. – order form can be obtained from Members tab.

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Swimwear for sale at Gala’s:

General swimwear is sold at most regional galas by Bernice Steenkamp who puts up her swimwear stall as part of the “Shamu Village” during meets. This stall, containing a range of swimwear that includes swimming costumes, swim caps, goggles, and a range of other products has been a valuable resource for parents, knowing that swimwear can be conveniently obtained during galas. This has also been the saving grace on many occasions for those who needed to make emergency purchases on those forgetful days when someone left their swimming bag at home…


Bernice also provides a range of products that are FINA approved for the more advanced swimmers.

 For further enquiries, Bernice can be contacted at 083 372 8882. Email:

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