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Swimming South Africa (SSA) Provincial Registration:

Why Should I enter my child for provincial registration?

  1. 1.The only way your child is going to improve and grow to love the sport is by being exposed to swimming.

  2. 2.To keep your child motivated, it can't be much fun swimming 2-8km an evening and not being able to gauge yourself against your opposition. If your child is not registered he/she only gets to swim one or two gala's a year.

  3. 3.To have his/her times recorded on the national database, this again enables your child to gauge his/her improvement.

  4. 4.To be a part of Shamu team, we try to create a healthy, happy environment for all swimmers, and to represent your team at gala's hosted in the Province and elsewhere.

  5. 5.To enable your child to see his/her improvement and qualify for National gala's namely Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Junior Nationals and ultimately Senior Nationals. Who knows, maybe one day represent your country at International gala's.

Registration Procedure

  1. 1.     Go to Members tab, on calendar, 1st day of every month: Click here: Club Members

  2. 2.     Follow instructions as per webpage – SSA Capitation form

  3. BulletPay annual SSA registration fees into Shamu Club account

  4. BulletSend proof of payment to Shamu Treasurer

  5. BulletDocumentation Set per swimmer includes:

  6. BulletCapitation Form

  7. BulletProof of payment

  8. BulletSwimmer Copy of ID or Birth Certificate

Registration Terms and Conditions

  1. 1.Provincial registration is facilitated through Shamu Swimming Club for Shamu members only.

  2. 2.The SSA registration process is an annual occurrence, Swimming South Africa Season is from May to April. The provincial registration is renewable annually in  May.

  3. 3.Swimmer has to be a member of a club.

  4. 4.Swimmer and at least one parent have to register with Limpopo. SSA rules determine that for every 5 swimmers, we must have one registered official on the pool-deck.

  5. 5.SSA Capitation form to be completed in full for both swimmer and parent, link under member’s tab, on calendar on the first of every month.

  6. 6.Copy of ID and proof of payment to accompany completed form.

  7. 7.Provincial fees can be paid in 3 instalments from time of signing contract, if arranged with Shamu Treasurer, who will then make payment to LP Aquatics.

  8. 8.Registration fees: Refer to Cognito Form on Calendar under Member tab (see above)

  9. 9.Only electronic payments are accepted, no cash payments.

  10. 10.Swimming South Africa enforce registration at least 2 weeks before a SSA gala.

  11. 11.Registration closes end of November, i.e. no new registrations after this date.

Limpopo Rules & Regulations

  1. 1.Swimmers required to swim 2 Age Groups & Champs in order to qualify for entry to National Gala's.

  2. 2.Clearance to swim gala's in other provinces has to be provided.

  3. 3.Entries and clearance letter will be issued by the Provincial Data Processor.

  4. 4.One official for every 5 swimmers to officiate at a LP Gala.

  5. 5.Parents & swimmers to abide by LP/SSA Constitution at all meets.

  6. 6.No smoking in pool area.



Joining Shamu Swimming Club:


Shamu is a professional swimming club that offers coaching for 12 months of the year.

Joining Procedure

  1. BulletComplete coaching contract per swimmer – refer to Members Tab, “Shamu Contract” on the 1st of every month of the calendar.

  2. BulletPay annual club registration fees to Shamu Swimming Club - R300

  3. BulletPay coaching fees to coach Johan Grobbelaar as per terms and conditions below.

Joining Terms and Conditions

  1. BulletMembership to Shamu Swimming Club is subject to all of the above being completed.

  2. BulletOnly electronic payments are accepted, no cash payments.

  3. BulletContracts are valid for a period of 12 months unless family/swimmer leaves town in this period.

  4. BulletMembership is subject to club registrations and coaching contracts renewed annually.

  5. BulletIt is at the coaches discretion at the end of each season to determine whether swimmers have met all requirements to have their contract renewed.

  6. BulletSwimmers joining the club who were previously registered elsewhere must obtain release authorization/clearance before joining the club.

  7. BulletAnnual club registration fees are R300.00 per swimmer.

  8. BulletAnnual club fees can be paid in 3 installments by prior arrangement with club treasurer.

  9. BulletTwo separate bank accounts exist for club and coaching fees respectively. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that club and coaching fees are paid into the correct bank accounts as provided. No funds paid in error will be transferred between the accounts.

  10. BulletCoaching fees: As per current contract – refer to monthly calendar.