Gala Entry Procedures

  1. 1.Parents to complete on-line gala entry form, submit and make payment into Shamu account. Johan will check and may change before submission. All entries and queries before the gala have to be channelled through the Club Data Processor and not the Provincial DP or anyone else, this includes coach as it is difficult to remember everything said on pool-deck.

  2. 2.Gala entries will be put on the website under "Members Calendar". For the sprint gala's and LP Champs, entry fees are to be paid over before commencement of gala and proof forwarded to treasurer who will coordinate entries/fees.

  3. 3.Should you be entered in a gala and do not scratch beforehand, you are liable for the entry fee as well as the "NO SHOW" (Fee will be communicated via sms and WA) penalty imposed. Scratch form and current fee (R200 at the moment) to be handed to Team Manager at least 45 minutes before commencement of gala. Team Manager will then first confirm with coach before scratching handed into LP Data Processor for processing. Scratching up to Wednesday before the meet is at no charge, thereafter you are liable for applicable fee at the time, which will be enforced by Club and Province.

  4. 4.Any queries at the gala, must be addressed through the Club Team Manager. Should query warrant a dispute, please complete official form and pay applicable fee at the time deposit. Should decision be in favour of parent, deposit will be returned if not deposit to be retained by Province.

  5. 5.All age group gala's hosted in Limpopo have an entry fee (will reflect on the entry form) and a child has to be registered to enter; NO SHOW fines are still applicable. Sprint gala's normally have a fee per event and are payable before gala, proof forwarded to Treasurer.

  6. 6.No one is permitted to enter a gala outside the Province without Club and Provincial Clearance. Entries have to be done through the Club Data Processor.

  7. 7.1 Parent to be prepared to officiate. Entries to Data Processor accompanied by 1 official for 5 swimmers. No entries will be accepted unless officials accompany entries. Should official not report on day of gala, No Show fee is applicable and the Club has to provide a replacement before their swimmers are permitted to swim session/gala.

Limpopo Rules & Regulations

  1. 1.Swimmers required to swim 2 Individual Medley’s (not necessary for Level 1),  4 Age Groups & Limpopo Champs for qualification and provincial permission to enter National Gala's.

  2. 2.Clearance to swim gala's in other provinces has to be provided.

  3. 3.Entries and clearance request submitted to Club Data Processor who forwards to Provincial Data Processor for processing.

  4. 4.One official for every 5 swimmers per session to officiate at a LP Gala.

  5. 5.Parents & swimmers to abide by LP/SSA Constitution at all meets.

  6. 6.No smoking in pool area.

  7. 7.Officials on pool-deck, on duty, are not allowed to cheer for swimmers in water.

  8. 8.Officials to wear prescribed white and blue when officiating.

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